OrbTrak and PredictLib

In 2008, I entered a programming competition called the Dice Tech Challenge.  I submitted the winning entry, a widget called “OrbTrak”, that tracks the orbits of artificial satellites in real-time.

OrbTrak runs completely client-side and doesn’t contact the server after it loads.  Therefore, instead of polling for updated satellite locations, it must predict orbits using complex math.  I’m no math genius, so I ported an open source C program called PREDICT to JavaScript and made it into a library called “PredictLib”.

Due to increased demand, OrbTrak is now available on Bitbucket, which means you no longer have to email me for a copy of the source.  Thanks for everybody’s patience on this.



Please keep in mind that this is basically a direct port from C to JavaScript, and that I removed the comments.  It does not use any nice libraries like jQuery, and there are lots of parseInt() and parseFloat() calls.  In other words, I hacked it together in a few days and it’s pretty ugly.  If it’s useful to you, that’s great.


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